Primary Goals

Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes when you shop online!

The product team supported various teams, such as Growth, Marketing, and Front End Dev. Some of the projects we focused on was creating high conversion landing pages for the Growth team to help convert users on targeted ads. We supported the Marketing team in helping create contact pages and success stories, along with creating animated content for their hero reel. Lastly, we were posed with testing out different information architectures for the testing code screens to help reduce cart abandonment.

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UI / UX Designer


Web Pages


Extension Rearchitecting

Honey was looking to create a new grid structure within their product to have a stronger grid system to create a unified look across all cards.
The previous card within the experience was driven to showcase new features within the product and were taking away from the user experience. Users began to leave their current state to learn about the new feature, which was abandoning their current transaction.
The new cards are easily scaleable to accommodate different secondary information without taking too much interest away from the primary container of information. Thus keeping the user within their current state and continuing their transaction.

Illustrations & Animations