Hop App

Project Overview

Hop is a social experiment that enables people to support the causes they believe in by joining donation chains linked to a particular Hop Card. Users can get started by purchasing a Hop Card or by receiving an active card in the wild. With a Hop Card in hand, users will be able to configure it, choose their cause and disperse child cards (or clones) to friends, family, or strangers that want to get involved.

Once a card is set up, a user will be able to approach others and ask them to donate by handing them the card. The user will then scan the card, where they are asked to donate to the cause. The user then has a choice to donate or leave a message. If the user chooses to donate, they are taken to a page where they can donate by credit / debit card, they will then follow the steps until completion. Once the donation is completed, they are asked to leave a message. The user is able to leave a message with either text, video or an image.

Finally, once the user has scanned the card, donated and/or left a message, they are asked to give the card to a new person. That card is then handed off to a new person to further the chain.

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