Oracle Santa Monica

Project Overview

The goal for the environmental graphics at Oracle in Santa Monica is to identify the unique character and spirit of this community and, through that voice, communicate Oracle’s mission and values in a way that resonates, engages, and inspires employees and visitors.

The Santa Monica-Venice corridor has become a beacon for subversives and free-thinkers over the course of its short but colorful history. Standing at the water’s edge and looking out over the horizon, one is overcome with a sense of freedom – one that goes beyond all boundaries of age, religion, race, class, or gender. This sense of limitless opportunity and the ability to make your own path is fully aligned with Oracle’s Vision and Mission.

Like Oracle, it is a community that welcomes diversity, nurtures optimism, and celebrates youthful rebellion. This culture has resulted in contributions to society that have significantly transformed the way we see the world today.

Oracle Corporation

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