My Life

This is my lovely wife Tracy and Daughter Bexley.
Design is more than a profession to me. I surround myself with creativity and good design in all aspects of my life. My home studio includes a screen printing set up, two computer workstations, a wood shop, ceramics  studio and everything we need to run the small business (Clarke Collective) my wife and I share. Together my wife and I have always used weekends to design and make creative projects. Through our small business we push each other forward constantly in design and we hope it becomes a way to immerse our daughter Bexley into a life of creativity and good design in the future.

We love traveling and having frequent adventures into nature. As avid campers, we are dying to move to a state where it doesn’t take three hours just to get out to some green space. Photography is a huge passion of mine and so my camera is always with me. Nature has a heavy influence on my designs through colors in sunsets, patterns of mountains, and simplicity in wide open fields. Getting out into nature is a way to reset and reconnect. 



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